Ghost Maker Custom Calls


I use a variety of domestic and exotics woods for my calls not only for the beauty of the call but for the tone as well.  The denser the wood, the clearer and crisper the call will sound.  Less dense woods give a warm tone to the call.  We can discuss what you are looking for in your call and pick the right wood for you.
I have a good selection of woods that I always have on hand.

Domestic woods: Osage, Persimmon

Exotic woods: Yellowheart, Bloodwood, Zebrawood, Canarywood, Wenge, Paduak


Slate and Glass $70 plus $7 shipping
Aluminum adds $5
Laminated wood calls start at $80 and are priced based on woods used

Every call comes with a one piece hand turned hardwood striker.

Extra strikers are $15 a piece.
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